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The Shell Corporation - Force Majeure

Album Info:

Released September 1st, 2011. EFM Records.
Recorded by Jamie Mcmann @ Motor Studios (NOFX, Me First, Swingin' Utters, Dead to Me) and Forest Hesse.

Official Website:


Mission Statement from the Shell Corporation, for immediate media dissemination:

"We shall continue to deliver best value to our stakeholders by providing superior music to our customers, maintaining our high financial performance and improving our standing as a good corporate citizen of the world by aligning our direction in long-term sustainable fashion".

Contrary to popular belief, The Shell Corporation are a band. Jan, Curtiss, Sean and Jake have been in other bands, but we didn't come here to dwell on past indiscretions, we gathered here today to talk about their new band. A band that has been described as Hot Water Music, old Against Me, Jawbreaker and The Flatliners, but much more handsome and talented, by their respective mothers.

Money, Fame…The Shell Corporation craves not these things. Ok, money would be nice but for now they will settle for getting on every stage and down in every basement they can find and screaming at you till they blow their voices out. And while waiting for the checks to arrive they will just keep working soulless day jobs so they can continue to make songs about what's wrong with the world (PLENTY!) mixed with some good ol' fashioned melody.

They released their debut album "Force Majeure" in September and a 7" EP entitled "Bread & Circuses" and are touring Europe and the U.S. shoving their message down the pie holes of anyone that will hear it. And when that's done they will do it again…cause what the hell else are they gonna do?

And if you don't know, now you know...