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Photorealism of the Day: I Can't Believe It's Not Water!
News FAIL of the Day: This Just in From The Chicago Tribune!
Enhanced Childhood of the Day: Playing Sonic the Hedgehog in First Person POV
Crowdsourcing Project of the Day: Kenneth Goldsmith's "Printing Out the Internet" Project
GPOY of the Day: Cops Take Selfies Too
Food Pr0n of the Day: Typefaces Imagined as Food
A New Challenger of the Day: Grizzly Bear Tries the Harlem Shake
Look at This Gorgeous Campfire Laser Light Show
Cool Idea of the Day: New York Musician Turns His Daily Itinerary into Music
Beach Closing
One Time Thing
For Baskins
Cheers and Jeers: Thursday
Daily Kos Radio is LIVE at 9am ET!
Romney campaign manages to lose conservatives and normal people at the same time