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West Coast Tour

by Uh The Mexican
Just added most of the dates for our West Coast Tour in December as well as some local stuff. Excited thy name is Shell Corporation.

New Shows Added

by Uh The Mexican
New shows added! We are doing a short central California run in two weeks. Check the shows column for details. We are also planning a pre-Christmas west-coast raid up to Seattle. Check back for details as we confirm the dates.

Videos From Europe

by Uh The Mexican
Theres a couple videos from our show with the Flatliners in Switzerland on the youtubes! I also posted in our video section cause I know how to do that. Oh and that's our good friend Chris Crawford on drums who deserves a gigantic thank you for filling in on drums for the tour.

Tired And Done

by Uh The Mexican
Finally done. Two 15 hour days in a row, and we have finished the last three songs with Jaime at 3:45am on Monday morning. We really can't wait to release these songs into the wild. They are too feral to handle.

Motorboatin' In SF

by Uh The Mexican
Off we go to San Francisco to record the last of our full length with Jaime McMann at Motor Studios. Jaime has made NOFX, Dead to Me, The Cobra Skulls, Swingin' Utters and a million other of our favorite bands sound great, so we can't wait to see what he'll do with our songs.

Shirts Have Arrived

by Uh The Mexican
Shirts have arrived! Both designs come in your choice of Grey, Blue, and Black, and any size you want as long as it's either Youth M, S, M, L, XL. If you live far away you can email us and we'll send you one. Otherwise, they will be available at all of our shows (like American Steel in Portland August 19th. Tell your friends).

Dear Friends And Gentle Hearts

by Uh The Mexican
We are supporting American Steel in Portland at Branx in Portland, OR on August 19th. This has been one of our favorite bands for years and we are really excited to play with them! Also we are headed up to SF in a couple weeks to finish the album with Jamie McMann (NOFX, Me First, Swingin' Utters, Dead to Me etc etc) @ Motor Studios. Fuck ya!

Screw An EP, Let's Make An LP

by Uh The Mexican
We have been a lot more productive in the studio than we anticipated, and it looks like we will have a full-length done by the time we go to Europe. The release will be entitled "Force Majeure".

Many Thanks

by Uh The Mexican
The weekender was a huge success! Thanks to all of our old friends who came out to the shows and the new friends we made out on the road. Look for some pretty exciting news in the next few days. (Well, exciting for us anyway.)

7 Inch On Its Way

by Uh The Mexican
The 7" has been sent off to mastering and pressing. We expect to have Bread and Circuses available for download and purchase by late July / early August

New Songs, New Shows

by Uh The Mexican
New songs in the works. See you July 4th weekend in Concord, San Francisco, and Bakersfield to hear some of the new stuff we've been working on, plus maybe a cover of our favorite band.


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